Product Design

Our Approach

Our approach to problem-solving, whether it be UX, usability, customer experience, business or go-to-market problems, involves methodical but flexible processes. These processes allow us to gain a deep understanding of the problem you wish to solve, and how the problem is experienced from both a business and end-user perspective.

Using the collective creative energy of our Product Design team, we make use of a number of different design methodologies, including design thinking, design sprints, lean startup or a combination of these when designing products.

Product Design


End to End Product Design

With our end-to-end Product Design process, we have all phases of a product's life cycle covered. We take a concept through the entire process – from immersion, scoping, discovery, ideation, validation, design, testing and build, to launch and product maintenance.

Product & Customer Discovery

During the discovery phase, we conduct discovery workshops and research activities to help you gain a deeper understanding of the current landscape. We also look at competitors in your space, local and international trends, as well as your customers' pain points. This helps you identify the opportunity areas for your product.

Ideation & Validation

Ideation is where the magic happens! We ideate around the blue sky concepts and put them to the test in our ideation workshops. User testing then offers us insights into whether we are on the right track or not.

UI Design

We turn ideas into beautiful, simple and easy to use interfaces that delight and excite. This includes setting up design systems to ensure design consistency across the product.

User & Usability Testing

We utilise user and usability testing to gain insight into how the product is received by users. This allows us to quickly assess the impact of the product and understand if the product is solving the users' pain points. The results from validation testing can guide the iterations we can make to improve the product as uptake increases.

Design sprints

We believe collaboration is key when being creative. Our design sprints bring together teams to collectively problem-solve, whilst gaining early insights into the potential effectiveness of the solutions.

Ongoing Product Design & Maintenance

Product maintenance takes place post-launch and is an ongoing process that is vital to a product's success. Based on how the users interact with the product, we can learn how to improve the product for the users over a course of iterations.

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