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Byte Orbit is a digital innovation and development execution partner where design and development meet business strategy. With problem-solving at our core, we develop robust innovative solutions that help our clients stay on top of their game while saving them time and money.

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Our diverse & cross-functional team is passionate and determined to deliver customer-centric digital products that people love.

Our process



Your customers


We take our clients through an innovation strategy known as the design thinking approach, which includes thorough user research where we empathise with the customer to understand their current pain points, ideate a potential solution, and then prototype in order to test whether or not it is viable.



Your solution


Having taken care of the groundwork, we can start outlining an agile product roadmap. This will include designing business models, wireframes, branding, interfaces and testing these working prototypes with real people, taking into consideration both form and function to ensure a good user experience.



Your product


Once a product prototype has been approved, we use the latest tools, methods and technologies to develop the prototype into a functional digital product. Taking an iterative approach with the MVP, we can create and implement a go-to-market strategy, targeting the right customers with a focus on generating leads and establishing relationships.


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