Customer Experience

Our Approach

How customers experience your product goes beyond just a great looking and easy to use product. We take care of the whole customer experience, including how users engage with your product through first level support, all the way through to customer communication. Our expert team of customer experience consultants consistently gather and analyse customer feedback and data to identify pain points and recommend solutions. We cover the entire customer journey from sign up to the first interaction with your product.

Customer Experience


First line escalation point

We offer live in-app support, email support and call-back support.


We create, manage and keep chatbots up-to-date to reduce the volumes of manual queries.

Product Collateral

Our team keeps all product collateral up to date in line with the UX team. We also create support manuals, FAQs and terms and conditions.

Feedback Loop

The CX team receives feedback and suggestions from customers, and works closely with the UX and technical teams to evaluate and implement the changes.


We compile analytics reports on product performance, customer behaviour and feedback from users.

365-day support

Our efficient team of customer support consultants are available all year round.

We care about customers.

Our customer support team is always happy to assist.