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We help our clients ideate and build amazing digital products, including apps and websites. A big part of this journey involves testing concepts and designs with real people, like you!

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As a Byte Orbit test pilot, you'll test some of our up and coming products, let us know your thoughts and feelings through surveys, phone calls and interviews while earning great rewards.
(Takealot and Yuppiechef vouchers.)

We use this feedback to find out if products will be easily understood and liked once they hit the market.

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Become  a  test pilot

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Frequently asked questions:

Traditionally, a test pilot flies an aircraft to test its performance. Here at Byte Orbit, our Test Pilots help us test new digital products. Their feedback is then used to build truly valuable products that deliver exceptional experiences.

You can become a Byte Orbit Test Pilot by clicking here. This will redirect you to our sign-up form. Remember, anyone can be a Byte Orbit Test Pilot!

When becoming a Byte Orbit Test Pilot you will not only stand a chance to win some great prizes, but you will also have the opportunity to give valuable feedback that will shape what the latest products in the market will look like.

No, not at all! However, sometimes we will choose a Byte Orbit Test Pilot based on the need of the project; meaning we might want to test on a certain mobile device, but not to worry we do all the admin.

Yes it is, we are POPI compliant, and have taken all reasonable measures to protect your personal information. Please be sure to read through our Privacy Policy. We make use of 3rd party sub-processors as part of our product testing activities, but we will always make sure that you are aware of this and given an opportunity to review their policies before participating. When signing up as a Test Pilot, you will be redirected to JotForm to fill in your details. Please review our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before continuing.

This is entirely up to you. If you can support us in building brilliant products with your feedback, we always appreciate it! However, we do not expect you to participate in all our testing initiatives.

Yes, you can! Opt out by emailing us at testpilots@byteorbit and we will remove you from the Test Pilot Database.