The Byte Academy

The Academy

Byte Orbit launched Byte Academy to find individuals with potential and a passion for coding. Since its inception, we have successfully trained three groups of talented individuals to become great developers!

The Byte Academy is not taking in any candidates at the moment.


Some of the shining stars who’ve come through our Academy:


I plan on building on what I have learnt at the Byte Academy and gaining more experience as a Full Stack Developer within the industry.


Byte Academy has put me on track to become a great developer and that is something I'll always be grateful for.


The Byte Academy has provided me with an oversight on how to approach problem sets while having fun.


Byte Academy has given me a platform to learn how to code first-hand, from experienced developers. I am fully equipped with this knowledge, all thanks to the Academy.


Byte Academy has allowed me to gain some first-hand knowledge from some great developers - an experience you just can’t get online.


Byte Academy has given me the skills I need to become a great full-stack web developer.


I'm thankful for the resources and time the Byte Orbit Academy invested in me. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I would have not been the programmer I am today without them. It really was an amazing experience.


The Byte Orbit Academy has provided a platform to learn so much in a short time and allowed me to grow as a developer. I will always be grateful for that.


The journey at the Byte Orbit Academy helped me see what is expected of me as a developer, while giving me access to developers with much more experience. I am thankful to Byte Orbit for the beautiful opportunity. They guided me towards the path of success.

Training outline

The program that the candidates went through includes online material, as well as in-house prepared content focusing on soft skills development.

Introduction to Python

Introductory programming class, about Object-Oriented Programming, a must-have technique for software engineers that will allow you to reuse and share code easily.

Relational databases

Basics of SQL (the Structured Query Language) and database design, as well as the Python API for connecting Python code to a database.

Introduction to web development

Fundamentals of back-end web development. How to interact with a database from a web application using an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) layer.


A class focusing on a front-end open source toolkit, featuring Sass variables and mixins, responsive grid system, extensive prebuilt components, and powerful JavaScript plugins.

Django REST framework

A focused class on the powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs.

Full stack web development

Building complex server-side web applications that use powerful relational databases to persistently store data.


Ongoing mentorship from our most highly skilled developers and management team.

Workplace skills development

Develop the necessary skills to optimise productivity and performance in the organisation.

Master classes

Focused master classes from our experienced developers to help our candidates understand core concepts.


Ad-hoc and structured assignments based on the course content to help build the necessary skills and evaluate the candidates progress with valuable reviews and feedback from the development team.