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Smashing workplace perceptions: Leney’s Product Design internship experience

07 December 2023 •

By: Leney Mundell Culture

Embarking on a journey of practical learning is an integral part of any student's academic journey. For the past six weeks, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Byte Orbit. As a student pursuing an Ideation Design degree at Inscape Education Group, this internship not only aligned seamlessly with my academic pursuits but also provided me with a unique opportunity to work alongside brilliant minds and witness the inner workings of a thriving tech company.

I used to think that having an office job meant long hours of sitting at a desk, wishing the clock would tick by faster. The few weeks I spent at Byte Orbit have made me realise that I can welcome even a Monday morning alarm.

Week 1

When I arrived on the first day, I was glad to see my classmate in the waiting area, as well as meet a new fellow intern. The warm and welcoming team made the transition seamless, helping me acclimate to shadowing various teams. I gained valuable insights into the diverse roles that contribute to the company's success. This firsthand experience deepened my appreciation for the collaborative nature of the tech industry.

Week 2

After doing some research, we started creating surveys about AI and its implications for the future of work. We wrote the first drafts of the surveys using big words and a professional tone. After receiving feedback, we realised that surveys are for people, and most prefer informal conversations to fancy academic words. I learned to get to know my audience and to think like a human, not just an academic.

The lighthearted, casual language used by the Byte Orbit team was not what I expected from a business meeting, something I previously believed to be serious and boring. A Byte Orbit meeting, whether online or in person, is a space where creative people share ideas and allow each other to voice their opinions.

Week 3 - 4


As an Ideation Design student, my love for analysis and improvement found a perfect outlet during the third and fourth weeks of the internship. They tasked us with conducting a comprehensive competitor analysis for multiple Byte Orbit projects. This involved dissecting the strengths and weaknesses of key market players, identifying trends, and formulating insights that would inform future strategies.

Week 5

The final stretch of the internship was the most challenging, yet the most informative. My Ideation Design degree equipped me with the tools required to critically analyse research findings and envision innovative ways to enhance existing products and services. Beyond the realm of analysis, I had the privilege of gaining an insider's perspective into the inner workings of Byte Orbit. Engaging in brainstorming sessions, observing collaborations, and participating in meetings allowed me to witness firsthand how creative ideas are translated into actionable plans within a company.

Week 6

My time at Byte Orbit was more than just an internship; it was a transformative experience that allowed me to witness the power of collaboration and the potential for innovation within the tech industry. The ability to merge academic theories with real-world applications was a testament to the effectiveness of my Ideation Design degree and its relevance in shaping contemporary technological solutions.

Some highlights from the internship include having drinks with colleagues at the end of every work week and creating a sense of celebration for our progress and accomplishments. Receiving positive feedback or constructive criticism helped me learn and improve my quality of work. Getting a complimentary lunch at the office every Friday was something I looked forward to.


As I bid farewell to Byte Orbit, I leave with a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunities it granted me and the lessons I've learned. This internship has reinforced my commitment to pursuing a career that combines my passion for design thinking with the dynamic landscape of technology. My experience at Byte Orbit has ignited a spark within me, inspiring me to continue pushing boundaries, collaborating with exceptional minds, and driving innovation that propels industries forward.

Thank you, Byte Orbit team, with a special thank you to our mentor, Marichen. I hope to work with you all again in the future.

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07 December 2023
By: Leney Mundell

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