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Our Product Design Process for Uleen Fourie's Health-e App

13 September 2023 •

By: Maajidah Design

Uleen Fourie is a well-known entrepreneur, life coach, and trainer who has created multiple online fitness and nutritional guides. Uleen and her team have had an incredible journey so far. They have found a need for a holistic, health-conscious approach to cooking and family favourites.

Uleen approached us to assist with the product design for her new project idea. When her team reached out to us, her website featured a recipe book and a meal planner that customers could subscribe to on a monthly or annual basis, which was garnering rapid popularity.

The goal set for the Byte Orbit product design team was to identify a value proposition for the next generation of the already launched cookbook/recipe book. The idea was to create an app to expand the Uleen Fourie brand and make healthy eating simple and accessible.

The challenge


Uleen had been working on a purely web-based product and wanted to embark on a more dynamic product offering for her existing customers and ensure consistent customer acquisitions.

Following our product design process, we took the time to unpack this over a 5-week period, which involved a series of workshops, namely; immersion, scoping, and minimum viable product (MVP) definition. These workshops sought to extract as much insight from the Uleen team as possible and allowed our team to immerse themselves in the vision for the future of the product.

The problem statement

While preparing to outline our objectives, the following problem statement was established, “How do we harness the success of the existing offering to build a platform that helps each member reach their nutritional and health goals in a supportive community driven by the Uleen Fourie brand?”

Our approach

Team 1.jpg

First, we had the immersion workshop, which gave our product design team an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the present state of the product. We then spent time scoping out key objectives with the Health-e team to ensure that both teams were aligned in identifying who the target audience was. Both teams then took time to understand and develop the features that were most valuable to both the business and the customer.

During the immersion workshop, Uleen took us through the existing brand and the noteworthy business achievements. Here we looked at customers and understood existing learnings from customer feedback and interactions where they shared their needs with Uleen and her team.

This gave us the opportunity to understand what needs the product can serve and how to ultimately provide value to the customer. We also introduced a purpose canvas. Our product team took this approach to understand what drives the brand, what values they hold, and the daily activities they do to ensure the brand's purpose is honoured.

Scoping establishes a common understanding of the goals pursued by both the client and the product development team for the app.

Through the MVP definition workshop and user testing, we could identify themes that could be used for MVP1.

"We approached Byte Orbit to bring together a vision to create the first-of-its-kind health app in South Africa. The main objective of our time with Byte Orbit was to determine MVP1 for our product. Through various case studies, brainstorming sessions, creativity, research, and hours of hard work with the Byte Orbit team, that’s what we left with. A clear idea of what we needed to launch. The Byte Orbit team was thorough in not just working with the Health-e team but also supporting them with external research, surveys, and marketing resources.

We cannot recommend Byte Orbit enough, as they are diligent, hardworking, and walk the extra mile for their clients to ensure a world-class product.

We walked into their boardroom with a dream and left with a clear idea and plan of action. We cannot recommend this company enough." - Uleen Fourie

Health-e app reviews


The collaboration between Uleen Fourie and the Byte Orbit product design team has been a resounding success. Uleen achieved her aspiration to extend her wellness brand through an innovative app with the help of careful planning and creative insight from the Byte Orbit product design team.

The immersive workshops, scoping sessions, and a carefully defined MVP led to the development of a cutting-edge Health-e app. It's evident that users find great satisfaction in the convenience and meal-planning capabilities, along with the automated grocery list.

Minimalist Laptop Mockup Beauty Facebook Cover.png

Uleen's endorsement shows how dedicated Byte Orbit is to doing high-quality work and working together. The app didn't just meet expectations; it exceeded them and stayed true to Uleen Fourie's style. This teamwork is proof that great ideas can turn into user-friendly products. Uleen's success, with a little help from Byte Orbit, shows how teaming up can lead to making really great products that everyone loves.

Take control of your health with the Health-e app and download it today. For more inspiring projects like Health-e, visit our projects page and explore the future of innovation.

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13 September 2023
By: Maajidah

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