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Making a difference on Mandela Day

18 July 2018 •

By: Lauren Wellness

A warm bed, a loving family and a secure upbringing is something that we tend to take for granted. It is only when you step out of your comfort zone and into the shoes of someone less fortunate that you realise, what you take for granted is considered a luxury for a little orphan.

For Mandela day we visited Ray of Sunshine House which offers a secure home for orphaned and abused children. These children were in dire need of new bedding as their current bedding has worn thin and could no longer keep these precious little angels warm on cold winter nights. The Byte Orbit team clubbed together and we managed to buy each of the children a new pillow and a warm fleece blanket.

Visiting Ray of Sunshine House was an eye-opener to an alternative reality which is often overlooked. Thank you to Ray of Sunshine House for the good work you do, and for not only giving these children a place to call home but also for giving them the love and care they need so that they can look to the future with new hope.

Thank you also to the Byte Orbit team for standing together and helping these children.

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18 July 2018
By: Lauren

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