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Looking back over 2022

13 December 2022 •

By: Michael Culture

As we look back over the last year, it is incredible to see how far Byte Orbit has come and the strides we took as an organisation. It’s even more exciting thinking about how this year has positioned us for the future.

But before we focus on 2023, we are pausing to reflect on the past 12 months. In doing so, we hope to once again appreciate the many successes celebrated and embrace the lessons learned.

We are guided by two questions: What made this year a success and why are we proud to work here?

This year has been a year of exponential growth, not only for us as individuals but also as a collective. Our team has grown by 34 Orbiters, which is phenomenal given the economy we found ourselves in, and we are excited to see each of them thrive in their respective roles.

New Starters at Byte Orbit

We believe that our Orbiters are what make this such an enjoyable workplace. How we engage and collaborate, and strive to uphold a culture that truly welcomes everyone, is something we have seen grow over the past year and makes us extremely proud.

Halloween dress-up party

We are undoubtedly a very hard-working group, but we also know that what makes us true Orbiters is not just the velocity at which we work, but also how we conduct ourselves. How we treat each other remains more important than the number of hours we work, and that is what makes Byte Orbit so special.

Santa Shoebox Wrapping

Every year our team comes together for our Santa Shoebox wrapping drive, and we love it! We get to be creative and spread some joy over the festive season. 🎁

This year, we appointed Greg van Eden as our new MD and took a big step forward by launching a new department at Byte Orbit, called Byte Orbit Ventures. Our former MD, Martin Ras, heads this department and we’re excited to see him take it to great heights. This is a confident step towards building our own products, investing in our own Intellectual Property (IP), and securing the future success of the company.

Launched BO Ventures.png

Some of the many highlights from this year include:

  • The rollout of a full-scale DevOps team.
  • Seeing our UI, product design, and marketing teams seamlessly working together.
  • The formation of our management committee.
Management Committee
  • The formulation of distinct work streams for Shyft.
  • Establishing our information security council.
  • Establishing our research and development team.
  • Allocating more resources to ensure company-wide access to skills development.
  • The introduction and rollout of our go-to-market strategy.
  • And many more.

We have also won awards across multiple products for our exceptional UX and UI design, customer experience, and the apps themselves (front-end and back-end).

Customer Experience
Byte Orbit wins awards

All these milestones have come after a great deal of effort and planning by the whole team, and this is all just in reference to the past year and makes us extremely excited for what we can achieve going forward.

We have a well-known saying at Byte Orbit, "When you look back in 12 months’ time, you shouldn’t recognise yourself." Our founder, Amit, has instilled this in our culture, and we believe we stayed true to it in 2022.

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13 December 2022
By: Michael

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