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Introducing Flyte Zone: Simplifying Compliance for ROCs

31 July 2023 •

By: Anja Expertise

Over the past two years, the Byte Orbit team has been developing Flyte Zone, an innovative tool designed to simplify, streamline, and enhance remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) operations.

The primary goal of the Flyte Zone platform is to enhance flight safety and streamline administrative tasks for ROC (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Certificate) operators. It empowers users to effortlessly maintain compliance, efficiently plan and execute operational activities, and seamlessly interact with regulatory bodies such as the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Air Traffic and Navigation Services SOC Limited (ATNS).

The Flyte Zone Team

The launch of Flyte Zone was a true testament to the collaborative efforts of our team, resulting in an impressive launch within Byte Orbit Ventures.

Our Process

From a user interface (UI) perspective, our process began by creating wireframes during the requirements gathering phase to determine the optimal placement of various elements. Then once we had a good idea of what features we would have, we started doing the high fidelity mockups, while continuously incorporating new features. We took a lean approach with all of our new features with the intention of getting it out and testing it as soon as possible to see if we were on the right track, then iterating from there.

To evaluate the effectiveness of our validation tests, we conducted in-depth interviews with ROC holders. The interviews were conducted in a qualitative manner to gather comprehensive insights. During the first interview session, we focussed on understanding the daily operational challenges faced by ROC holders, providing valuable context for our research. In the second interview session, we concentrated on obtaining user feedback on the product. Here, our main objectives were to assess usability and evaluate the platform's feature content, ensuring its readiness for industry adoption.

In the process of developing the Flyte Zone platform, the product delivery team embraced a collaborative approach to ensure the success of the product. Their main goal was to create a product that not only fulfils customer requirements and expectations but also maintains exceptional standards in terms of reliability, performance, usability, and security. They are dedicated to incorporating feedback from users and stakeholders to consistently improve the Flyte Zone platform and address any identified areas that needed enhancement. The primary focus was to deliver a user experience that is seamless and intuitive, achieved through a user-friendly interface and seamless interaction.

Meet the Flyte Zone Founders

The Flyte Zone founders

Matthew van Eden is an admitted attorney with extensive experience in the commercialisation of innovative technologies and regulatory compliance. He has enjoyed a passion for flight since a child and an interest in disruptive technologies since he could understand the meaning thereof.

Matt's favourite feature of Flyte Zone is undoubtedly the one-click audit report. With a simple click, users can effortlessly generate CAA compliant audit reports. The process is streamlined and efficient, using data gathered from flight operations, ROC profiles, and document uploads. The result is a downloadable CAA compliant audit pack that is conveniently zipped and ready for submission. It's an incredibly convenient feature that saves time and ensures compliance with ease.

Amit Ramdath’s background spans software engineering and entrepreneurship, and he has led software engineering and innovation organisations to new heights over the past two decades, including our very own company! His passion for aviation, on the other hand, precedes his business accolades with a stint in the Air Force, then flying helicopters and now a remote pilot licence (RPL) holder with a beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) rating.

Amit's favourite feature of Flyte Zone is the Mapping feature, which includes the seamless integration of the ATNS KMZ file layer that details the various airspaces around South Africa. This integration, which was developed by our very own team, allows users to plot their flight zones and ensures validation against the KMZ file, highlighting any airspace requirements.

What did the Flyte Zone team enjoy most about this journey?

Danielle-Lee: What I enjoyed the most was being part of a passionate and driven team. You can truly see that each member of the team believes that what they are building will bring great change to the RPAS industry and improve the lives of ROCs. Being part of a team like that makes you feel unstoppable!

Nicole: I have not been on the Flyte Zone project as long as the others have, but what I have enjoyed about being on the project so far is working with a very collaborative and knowledge-sharing team. Flyte Zone has been a BIG learning curve for me as I am still upskilling in the Angular space, and Flyte Zone has given me the opportunity to do so at an integration level. So, I'm really excited and nervous to see how much I can gain from this project and hopefully take my career to the next level.

Winston: What I enjoy most is learning new things every day. There is so much to learn about the aviation industry and the product itself that I can feel my knowledge base growing on a daily basis. We have an exceptionally experienced team that has been instrumental in helping me understand the product landscape, and I am grateful that I can take on this challenge with them.

Pierre-Patrick: Having the freedom to innovate while having fun. In fact, innovation requires stepping out of one's comfort zone and venturing into new ideas or approaches. This entire process involves putting in a bit more effort than usual. Although it can lead to exhaustion at times, the enjoyment factor outweighs it. Every morning I look forward to meeting the team and working on the project.

The Flyte Zone Team

In conclusion, the Flyte Zone platform developed by the dedicated Byte Orbit team marks a significant milestone in the RPAS industry. Through the collaboration of experts from various departments and meticulous validation tests, Flyte Zone has emerged as an innovative tool that simplifies compliance maintenance for ROC holders.

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31 July 2023
By: Anja

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