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Client Spotlight: AutonoSky Advancing Aerial Systems in Africa

12 September 2022 •

By: Tahlea Expertise

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Byte Orbit, especially innovation that creates a positive impact on people’s lives, which is why we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with AutonoSky. AutonoSky is a drone company with a mission to drive the innovation of aerial systems in the UAV industry with the impact of saving lives.

AutonoSky founder and CEO's maiden helicopter flight

Amit Ramdath is the founder and CEO of AutonoSky. His love for aviation dates back to the Air Force, which he joined straight after school. In 2011, he did his first solo helicopter flight, which was an unforgettable experience that ignited his passion for aviation. Nine years later, AutonoSky was born with the purpose of developing drone technology by leveraging breakthroughs in AI and robotics to ensure safe and efficient operation with the ultimate goal of saving lives and preserving conservation.

Amit and his team have been hard at work in their ‘workshop’ developing prototypes and researching various technologies to aid their offerings. They recently unveiled Autono1, their multipurpose drone, at the 2022 Zimbabwe International Drone Conference. The team designed this drone from the ground up!

Autono1 Maiden Flight

The conference brings drone industry leaders together to identify various ways law and technology can contribute to revolutionising industrial operations through disruptive innovation. The 2022 Zimbabwe International Drone Conference was an incredible platform for Amit to share the vision of AutonoSky and it was very well received by fellow industry leaders.

The relationship between AutonoSky and Byte Orbit

AutonoSky is connected to Byte Orbit, a full-service digital product development organisation, through Amit Ramdath. He is the CEO of both companies, so naturally he approached Byte Orbit to design and develop AutonoSky’s website.

The design and development process

A dedicated team of creative techies at Byte Orbit put their heads together to design a website that accurately and uniquely reflects the innovative practices of AutonoSky.

Since the team had direct access to Amit, they had several sessions devoted to ideating and designing the various pages for the AutonoSky website. Our UI Design Manager shares why he enjoyed working on this project, “I really enjoyed the creative freedom on this project, to be able to ideate and design new components that would eventually be tied into the backend CMS. I enjoyed working with team members I don't usually get the pleasure of working with and collaborating on concepts to fit the time and development constraints of the project."

AutonoSky has a handful of skilled interns who were instrumental in their contribution to the website content. Not only are these engineers hard at work, building and designing but they have also taken the time to produce some incredible video content that now lives on the website.

AutonoSky Team Flight Test

In terms of development, it was a no-brainer that AutonoSky’s website would be built on Wagtail as we use this CMS for its powerful and dynamic qualities, and functionality. Our dedicated Backend Developer shares his experience with Wagtail. “Working on the AutonoSky project gave me an amazing opportunity to learn Wagtail from scratch. In the beginning, it was challenging for me to understand the structure and implementation, but over time it quickly became clearer and so much easier to use, all thanks to Wagtail’s documentation. Wagtail is a flexible CMS that gives us endless possibilities to manage content such as text, photos, videos, and more on the website in a sophisticated manner.”

We’re incredibly chuffed with the outcome and so proud to be associated with an organisation that is truly disrupting the drone industry in Africa. The future looks bright and we’re looking forward to seeing AutonoSky advance the aerial systems in Africa.

Follow along on AutonoSky’s journey by checking out their website and social media: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

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12 September 2022
By: Tahlea

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