Software Development

Our Approach

Working alongside the Product Delivery team, our experienced multi-skilled development team are able to deliver and deploy features rapidly. As a development team, we are passionate about choosing the right tool for the job!

Software Development



Our design-focused front-end team provides responsive admin dashboards and front-ends to our products to create powerful user experiences.

Tools they use and play with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, Bootstrap


The cross-skilled mobile team delivers native and hybrid mobile user experiences based on project requirements.

Tools they use and play with: Swift, Java/Kotlin, React Native, Flutter


Our talented back-end team takes care of building out our API based back-end systems that allow products to scale with high transaction volumes.

Tools they use and play with: Python, Django, Redis, PostgreSQL and Typescript.


Ensuring the quality of our products is the key objective of our QA team. Nothing goes to production without the QA stamp of approval.

Tools they use and play with: Python, Selenium Webdriver, Appium


As well as working with our development teams to provide continuous delivery, our DevOps team provides the foundation to ensure that our products are deployed and scaled with security, monitoring and reliability in mind.

Tools they use and play with: AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Waypoint, Vault, Rancher, DataDog, ScoutAPM, Sentry, OpsGenie, New Relic

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