The Digital
Wallet Ledger

What is the Digital Wallet Ledger?

The digital wallet ledger is an account based system that facilitates the execution of financial transactions, maintaining a complete record thereof. It is a server side web application, configured with industry best practice security standards.

The open data architecture and relational database.

The design of these allow for a comprehensive reporting and monitoring suite to be built directly onto the system, utilising the BORL’s authentication and encryption rails. Foundational principles of double-entry accounting and secure store of value are employed to achieve this, with linked data allowing for transaction tracing across the system.

As products underpinned by the Digital Wallet Ledger mature and requirements change, the ability to easily create accounts and account types give the flexibility to expand the product as required by the client without disrupting the core functionality of the system. The Digital Wallet Ledger employs a robust accounting model with distinct sets of attributes per account and a proprietary token management module, thereby making the system capable of multi-currency operation.

What does the Ledger expose?

The Digital Wallet Ledger exposes a variety of authenticated Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) which allow for additional functionality and applications to be built directly onto the Digital Wallet Ledger, as well as expose the underlying transactional data to generic or bespoke front-end interfaces.

Customisable permissions allow for administration of the financial system directly on admin views which can be tailored to the specific implementation. These administration dashboards allow for business operations to be monitored and business operations functions executed. Distinct user and identity models give the ledger the ability to distinguish between user accounts and the underlying person or business, which is then leveraged in user authentication modules that can be affixed thereto. This, coupled with the data architecture, allows for a single view of the client to be produced.

Facilitate the bulk upload and allocation of value.

As a self-contained financial system, transactions occurring solely within the ecosystem can be actioned instantaneously, and client required limits and fees can be imposed on accounts and transactions. The Digital Wallet Ledger can facilitate the bulk upload and allocation of value across accounts on the system, including the validation of recipients and account creation and notification for those without pre-existing accounts.

It is a versatile system that allows for upgrades or customisation based on the specific use case or implementation.