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Three podcasts you should listen to

11 April 2022 •

By: Clara Reviews

Clara is one of our many office advocates who champions podcasts. You’ll easily find her listening to a podcast on her morning walks, while commuting to work or to unwind. She has reviewed and listed three of her current favourites that you might love too.

Creative Confidence Podcast

The podcast series, hosted by IDEO U, is centred on conversations with creative leaders across different industries about leadership innovation, growth and of course, creativity. It is a great listen and provides practical insight into their success stories.

Creative Confidence Podcast.jpeg

Source: Podtail

Q: What is the podcast about?

A: The podcast focuses on various examples of championing human centred design. One I recently listened to touched on Systems Design and described how systems are made up of structures (institutions), relationships (stakeholders and power dynamics), and paradigms (culture and mindsets). In the show, they looked at if we were to remove plastic cups forever and do it right now, what and who does that effect?

Q: What are some of your key takeaways from this podcast?

A: In the podcast, they explored Systems Design as layers to provide a complete understanding of the leading elements at play. The layers of a system as a starting point includes; people, policy, market-based solutions and narrative. When approaching any problem, it is vital that we consider systems that facilitate these existing problems and remember that almost all of these existing problems were designed.

Q: Who do you think would enjoy this podcast?

A: Anyone really, I think it is a great listen for those who are keen to get key insights from personal growth stories.


Serial shares incredible stories of real-life events that are told through an investigative journalist tone. The show has three seasons and, in my opinion, each season gets better and better.


Source: Dribble

Q: What is the podcast about?

A: Back in 2014, Obama welcomed Bowe Bergdahl back home after surviving four years of captivity in Afghanistan. Bowe was an American army soldier, who was kidnapped after he deserted his post. Once people had learned this, the public reaction shifted from blaming Bowe to understanding the USA’s approach of negotiating with terrorists and the US army’s invasion. In the show, Sarah (the host) investigates the occurrence, speaks to Bowe and together they narrate a much deeper problem that exists within the experience. In the podcast, they unpack similar stories like this.

Q: What are some of your key takeaways from this podcast?

A: A great point that shines through is that we cannot assume people's lived experiences. When listening to the stories of Bowe, you hear about how his platoon perceived his actions vs. his lived experiences. On reflection, there is always the one element that niggles away at how we move forward with honest communication on what is going on.

Q: Who do you think would enjoy this podcast?

A: People who enjoy investigative storytelling.

Beautiful Anonymous

Chris Gethard, the host of Beautiful Anonymous, and his producers conceptualised a wonderful podcast idea that involves anonymous callers from America sharing interesting stories of their lives.

Beautiful Anonymous.jpeg

Source: Earwolf

Q: What is the podcast about?

A: Chris, the host, engages with an anonymous caller for an hour, where he may not hang up on the caller. These shows have included anything from cult confessions to philosophical conversations.

The best show, so far, was when they followed up with an anonymous caller who had made massive life changes. Chris was able to ask about their progress and hear how their life had truly transformed. It’s through these kinds of conversations that we can find more commonalities as human beings.

Q: What are some of your key takeaways from this podcast?

A: The podcast focuses on creating empathy. I suppose it is the most important takeaway. The manner in which Chris and the anonymous caller share and find a common ground no matter the topic is incredibly human.

Q: Who do you think would enjoy this podcast?

A: I think you can tell, by the podcast, that I love listening to people's stories, so I suppose people who are just as interested.

Keen to give these podcasts a listen? You can find them on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Consider Clara the gift that keeps on giving, because she has a few more recommendations for you. If you’re looking for a podcast about design relevance, check out 99% invisibleRebank looks at Fintech innovation-based on crucial social changes. It includes general debates and explores the role of banking. Last but not least, Super Soul Sunday by Oprah – a must listen are the episodes with Eckhart Tolle and Brene Brown.

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11 April 2022
By: Clara

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