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Computer Vision Engineer

The computer vision engineer will assist in the design and development of a computer vision framework/suite. The capability of the framework includes (but is not limited to) object detection and recognition, scene segmentation, and 3D reconstruction. Ultimately, these capabilities should be leveraged to address real-world problems (e.g. access control in security systems).

The enhancement of the framework requires continuous evaluation of the underlying algorithms. Knowledge of optimization, statistics, and machine learning (including deep learning) are therefore essential. You will contribute to decisions and development throughout the stack, from the selection of hardware sensors and model architectures to the design of databases.


Computer Vision Engineer Skills & requirements

You will need to have MS in Computer Science, Mathematics or other related fields. 5+ yrs of software development experience and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Knowledge of deep and machine learning is essential. The incumbent needs to be an expert in Python and SQL and have experience with the modern software development best practices, e.g. agile software development, code reviews, unit testing, version control, e.g. Git. Experience with ML frameworks and tools (e.g. Pandas, Numpy, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, Spark MLlib)

The individual should be familiar with Container technologies - Docker, Kubernetes. Amazon Sage Maker and OpenCV. The successful candidate must have worked with Agile software development in Python, Go, Java, JavaScript, Typescript and have significant experience with open-source operating system environments.

As a Computer Vision Engineer, you will have to explore new computer vision algorithms, models, and architectures for proof-of-concept, helping to conceive prototypes. Designing, analyzing and monitoring systems deployed in a cloud computing environment. You will be responsible for research and development in conjunction with state-of-the-art computer vision techniques and implement state-of-the-art deep learning models for computer vision.

Cutting-edge software development to advance machine perception and modern software development practices for creating robust code that is delivered iteratively. You will work with the team to manage practical experiments and develop prototypes and to collaborate with other teams to integrate the development into products for release.

Extend computer vision capabilities for state estimation formulations; this includes (but is not limited to) sensor modeling and poses estimation. Modern software development practices for creating robust code that is delivered iteratively.

It is your responsibility to guide and implement software and product design, produce code in line with project requirements and implement and maintain appropriate security standards. Perform and request code reviews and write and maintain unit and functional tests



You will be responsible for reproducing and locating the source of reported bugs and issues, fix bugs, and issues and communicate errors and solutions to product owners.