The New Generation Awards not only recognise the agencies but also the corporates and their in-house teams that were fundamental with the initialisation of the concepts and campaigns at hand.

Stephen Paxton, MD of New Generation Events said that the outstanding level of technical innovation amongst this year's campaigns proves that once again we are amongst very exciting times. Within a 12 month period, the bar has been raised, and then raised again.

With a 200% increase in entries for this year's awards, the standard of work saw a number of campaigns hitting well above the 70% benchmark.

The criteria that the judges consider when making their decisions were as follows

  • Innovation - originality of campaigns submitted

  • Creativity - uniqueness in implementation, concept and content

  • Results and efficiency - resources used in achieving the results.

  • Coverage (reach), engagement (rate of interactivity) and sales (lead generation resulting in new business)

New Generation Events would like to thank our partners, Endemol SA and Oude Meester, and congratulate each and every winner for their achievements, we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in 2015.