The top three finalists within our category included: the Nkandla Building Game where a player gets a budget of R246 million to spend throughout the game against the clock aiming to save money while building Nkandla, and the other Friendly Math Monsters for Kindergarten which is so much more than just a drag-and-drop mathematics game, it features interactive characters making it a fun and innovative way for children. We are very happy to have been mentioned alongside these talented developers and creators.

About Squabbl

We’ve developed a mobile gaming app that is a quick-thinking, tactful-talking and broadway-acting guessing game challenge for the entire family! With Squabbl you will play in teams of two, your team member will ‘draw’ a card with a word on it and has to explain it using a variety of methods. Each person gets the chance to add words to the ‘pile’ which will then be drawn at random.

The game consists of three rounds; it starts with describing the word without using the word itself, then acting it out without words or sounds and then describing it by only using one word. The team should aim to explain as many words at they can within the 30-second time frame. Once all the words are used, they get reshuffled and the next round begins. The team with the most points will be crowned the Sqaubbl Winner.

What makes it unique is that you, as a group of players will determine the complexity of the game according to the words chosen. It’s a great way to test your verbal and acting skills as well as show off your general knowledge. The game will never get old, and you’ll never run out of words to begin the next challenge.

Byte Orbit is proud that Squabbl was recognised and praised at one of the most prestigious Business App Award events in South Africa. We feel honoured to have been involved and would like to thank the sponsors and organisers of such an inspiring event.